Services Offered

For airlines and other organizations conducting flight operations

We offer practical, real-world assessments, not just academic consultancy with no hands-on experience, of your existing situation (as well as for start-ups) and suggest specific solutions to assist in your drive for excellence, in the following areas:


-    Assess operations for fuel use inefficiencies and suggest measures and software to reduce costs

-    Assess operations for other operational inefficiencies and suggest measures and software to reduce costs

-    Suggest measures and actions required to induct or enhance Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) usage

-    Suggest measures and software needed to take all operations documentation into digital format to greatly ease usage,             authoring and audit trails

-    Assess flight safety programs and suggest improvements

-    Introduce mindfulness and awareness practices for improving pilot and operations staff situational awareness, decision             making and CRM, and for reducing stress levels and increasing productivity, creativity and well-being for all teams

-    Evaluate pilot/staff hiring needs and assist with setting up/improving induction processes and cadet schemes

-    Assess pilot training and suggest specific improvements both in technical and Notechs/CRM training

-    Assess Operations Control, Flight Dispatch and Crew Scheduling functions

-    Evaluate current software and processes deployed in various ground and flight ops areas and suggest improvements

-    Evaluate pax and operational IFEC (Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity) plans, and suggest a way forward